You may be looking for a lovely way to commemorate your loved one who has passed.

Keeping their memory alive is a great way to feel close and may help your grieving process. Celebrations of life act as a reminder of the loved one, celebrating everything that is to do with them and remembering them for who they were.

If you are looking for the perfect celebration of life ideas, take a look at our suggestions below.


1.      Plant a tree.

Planting a tree in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to celebrate their life. It is an eco-friendly alternative to most other commemorative options.

You could choose to plant the tree locally, or further away? You could add a plaque to it, engraved with their name, a poem or a quote. There are also many varieties of trees to choose from, you could pick one that perhaps helps wildlife or acts as a reminder of something they loved. The National Trust offer a brilliant ‘Plant a Tree Service’, in which you can dedicate a tree to someone.


2.      Create a memorial quilt.

If you have access to their old clothes, blankets and sheets – you could make a lovely memorial quilt that embodies their personality.

Use clothes that you remember them wearing, materials that feel comforting and add in extras such as neckerchiefs, scarves and other accessories. Memorial quilts are a perfect solution for utilising old clothes that may otherwise be packed away.

3.      Adopt/sponsor an animal from a shelter.

Adopting or sponsoring an animal is a delightful way to memorialise your loved one. Perhaps they had a particular animal they loved or a wildlife mission that they wanted to follow.

Donating to these shelters will be a kind gesture and very appreciated. It may feel like the right solution for you when looking into how to celebrate their life.

4.      Create a playlist.

If your loved one had a particular music taste or certain songs that they related to, why not make a playlist.

Playlists are wonderful for providing comfort, with songs often having emotional connections that you can associate with. You could keep a funeral playlist, songs that they enjoyed or perhaps even made themselves.


5.      Make a memorial box.

Collect memories in a special memorial box. These memories could include pictures, tickets and personal keepsakes.

A memory box is a lovely way to encapsulate the memories and personality of someone you have lost. It is nice to be able to go back to something, keeping their memory alive and relevant in your life.


6.      Commission a plaque.

Commissioning a plaque with your loved one’s name, a poem they loved or a quote they would say, is a pleasant solution for celebrating their life.

A plaque can be placed wherever you may like. You could add it to a bench, landmark, tree or planter.


7.       Create memorial jewellery.

Memorial jewellery has been around for many years. From lockets to resin pieces, there are a variety of ways in which you can celebrate your loved ones life through memorial jewellery.

Necklaces, bracelets and rings can act as everyday reminders of the individual.


We hope that you have found our lovely celebration of life ideas useful. Creating and organising a wonderful memorial to remember the individual will certainly help with healing and preserving fonder memories. We would like to think that they have provided you with some sweet ideas that will make you feel closer to your lost loved one.

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