One of the most important details of any funeral is the flowers. They should be fresh, beautiful and most importantly represent the individual being remembered.

The symbolism of flowers dates back centuries and is often associated with religion and Greek mythology. Each individual flower can have a specific meaning and can be used for funerals to express personal messages or to represent your loved ones. Here is a list of some beautiful flowers with just as beautiful meanings.




White lilies symbolise purity, virtue, peace and innocence. The lily can symbolise a rejuvenation of the soul and they can also represent purity, commitment and rebirth, which is why they are often chosen as sympathy flowers.




The beautiful flower can come in an array of different colours, white carnations are commonly used for funerals as they can symbolise pure love. Red carnations indicate affection and admiration, whereas pink carnations suggest remembrance, which makes all three a fitting choice for funerals.




Roses are one of the most loved flowers around the world for a variety of occasions and each variety has its own meaning. White roses symbolise purity, humility and innocence, whereas red conveys love and respect and pink signifies thankfulness to the deceased.




Their meaning is different around the world, in Asia, they represent grief and rebirth, whereas in America they represent truth and morality. Chrysanthemums are usually included in funerals as a positive tribute to the life of the deceased. Like many flowers, the colour red symbolises love, while white suggests loyalty and innocence. A yellow chrysanthemum traditionally represents neglected love or sorrow. Overall, the chrysanthemums are often chosen as funeral flowers due to their close link with love and a joyful life.




These flowers are recognised for their beauty and love of sunlight. The flower can come in a wide range of colours which each connote different meanings. For funerals, white, pink and other light-coloured gerberas are used often. The Victorian symbolism of the gerbera flower is strongly associated with a simple and happy life, innocence and gratefulness. Because of their relation to happiness and the way the flower always turns towards the sun, the gerbera is a great flower to celebrate a loved one’s life.




When giving an orchid plant as a gesture of sympathy, it is always important to give consideration to the colour of your plant. Traditional pink and white orchids are the colours of sympathy. Varieties such as the phalaenopsis orchid and dendrobium orchid are also suggested by florists as appropriate plants to denote sympathy.


A lot of the time, funeral flowers end up getting thrown away due to the amount of flowers families receive for their loved ones. This is not only difficult because of the emotional connection, but it can also feel wasteful. However, these beautiful flowers do not have to be thrown away and we have recently written about all the wonderful ways you can make the most out of your funeral flowers in our previous blog post. Pressing flowers was one of the most popular ways we found that families used to preserve and keep these beautiful flowers from going to waste. Pressed flowers can be used in cards that can be given to family members. You could also use them to make bookmarks or candles. These are all good ways to repurpose funeral flowers to decorate your home with and have them as keepsakes that hold sentimental value.


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