When we lose someone, it can be a difficult time for everyone close to them. When it comes to making the funeral arrangements, we want to be able to honour them in the way that they deserve. Eco-friendly coffins and caskets allow us to celebrate their life in a beautiful way, whilst being kind to the earth.

At SC & BS Cocks, we work with FTP Eco Coffins and Colourful Coffins who both offer eco-friendly options. There is a wide range available and we have chosen a select few to highlight the benefits of eco-friendly options.

Willow Coffins

Willow coffins are available in both an oval shape and a standard coffin shape. The standard willow is a gorgeous golden brown colour and is inlaid with chestnut brown bands and woven handles. They are also available in light willow. Light willow has increased in popularity because of its creamy hues which offer something lighter than the traditional darker tones that can be considered more sombre.


There are also water hyacinth and cane models available. They are soft to the touch but rest assured that they are still very sturdy. They are skilfully woven by hand, in subtle and warm brown hues and the harvest of the materials actually aids the environment because water hyacinth is a weed that needs to be controlled. These are available in an oval shape.

Seagrass Coffins

In both a traditional shape and oval shape, the seagrass coffins are light in colour with light beige and brown hues and a subtle hint of green. They are completed with flower rings, seagrass poles and woven handles, which are the perfect final touches. 

Bamboo Coffins

The bamboo coffins are a rustic option that carry a natural charm. They are woven with unstripped, bamboo and have a natural unbleached appearance. Each coffin is hand crafted in a family run workshop in the Chinese province of Guangxi and to ensure the best regeneration of the bamboo, the cane is harvested responsibly.

Ashes Caskets

All of the materials mentioned above are also available as ashes caskets, in a variety of shapes. Being made using the same materials as the willow, bamboo and seagrass coffins, they are a simple but stunning way to honour your loved one.

Earthurns (Colourful Coffins)

Colourful Coffins offer biodegradable urns, which have been named Earthurns. These are created using natural and sustainable materials and when buried will biodegrade naturally over time. They are available in different sizes and finishes and we think that they look lovely.

There are other options of eco-friendly coffins and caskets available, but these are just a few of the ones we think are a great tribute to your loved one. If you have any questions about the options mentioned or you would like to find out more about the coffins and caskets available, please get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help.