Although we have seen webcasting remain popular for a long time, its application to funerals has only recently become commonplace, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, it can feel like unexplored territory, and might be slightly off putting at first, but hopefully we can change your mind. The appeal of the technology to customers and funeral homes alike can largely be attributed to an increase in mobility and convenience for contemporary society, helped largely by the technological propagation on a mass scale. Here we therefore outline the unexpected benefits you might find should you decide to webcast a funeral.

Extension of support

When dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one, the impact can be overwhelming on the surrounding family. Therefore, the family might need to use all the support hat they can get from their friends and the community. The impact from being present at a funeral of a loved one who has passed on goes a long way to reassuring a grieving family that they have people around them who they can rely on in their time of need.

Webcasting here allows family to invite friends and relatives globally who could not make that all-important trip, for whatever reason. When webcasting the funeral service, certain members of the family or wider community who couldn’t be there do not have to worry about the regret of not being present. An ideal example might be an uncle, auntie or grandparent who is stranded in another country or who cannot travel for whatever reason. Webcasting funeral services allows these people to be a part of a service they would have otherwise missed.


In most cases of grief, things go so fast that many do not have time to process what’s happening. When you cannot remember momentous events, such as the funeral itself, because everything blurs together for you, regrets can come flooding in, and you might wish for a recording of the service. With webcasting funeral services, you don’t have to worry about these regrets. You could watch the funeral itself over and over again and listen to these tributes as if you were still there. More importantly, watching this record of the funeral service which allow your loved ones to properly face their grief, taking the time to process it, and this goes a long way to helping them heal.


Different cultures around the world will conduct funerals in their own unique ways. It becomes truly difficult to understanding these various and wide-ranging cultural rituals if you do not attend the funeral service in-person. While it might be easy to examine these practises with a disconcerting eye, it is absolutely essential for us to appreciate diversity here, and webcasting funerals is one to do this. For example, this service enables family members to invite people from different cultures to attend a funeral service through webcast, which is a massively critical step in fostering cultural appreciation and understanding.

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