Funeral flowers are a lovely way to say goodbye to a loved one. One of the most common questions that gets asked is what you should do with them after the funeral. Here’s a look at a few things that you can do with them.

Many traditional ceremonies and services will include decorative floral arrangements that are placed in memory of the person who has been lost. Many family and friends will also send sympathy flowers to the family. Often, you can end up with a large number of flowers. Although this is a lovely gesture, it’s unlikely that you have enough space in your home to look after them all. Throwing them away can feel not only difficult because of the emotional connection, but it also feels wasteful.

What to do with funeral flowers

Funeral flowers don’t have to be thrown away. There are many ways that you can reuse them to have a lasting memory of the loved one you had to say goodbye to. Before you do anything with them, be sure to remove any card and notes that you wish to keep. This will also give you a chance to see who sent the flowers if you were wanting to say thank you after the funeral. Here are a few ideas for you:

Plant Them

Although this is quite obvious, many people don’t realise that you can plant cut flowers. When done correctly, cut flowers can take root and become a fully rooted plant. This creates a place of significance in your garden and can become a living monument to your loved one.

Pressing Them

Pressing flowers is an age-old craft that enables us to hold on to memories and flowers with a special meaning. Pressed flowers can then be used in cards that you could give to family members. You could also use them in the creation of bookmarks and candles. These are all good ways to repurpose funeral flowers to decorate your home with keepsakes that hold sentimental value.

Preserve Them in Resin

Once dried out or pressed, flowers can be further preserved in resin. Resin is a versatile substance that can be moulded into nearly any shape. Embedding funeral flowers in it is a lovely way to keep them forever beautiful, and it’s a wonderful way to remember your loved one.

Give to Family Members

Even if you decide on something you’d like to do with some of the funeral flowers, you’ll likely have many leftover. You can always ask family members if they wanted to take any home with them. They may like having something to remember the person who has been lost. Perhaps you could suggest a way in which they can use their flowers, as suggested above.

As a long-established independent business, we always see ourselves as more than funeral directors. We are here to offer you advice when you need it and are always only a phone call away if you need any help. We hope that this guide has given you some idea of what to do with funeral flowers. There are many ways you can use them to create long-lasting items to remember your loved one.

Of course, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.