Covid Guidelines

With the current Coronavirus pandemic there have been many restrictions applied to gatherings, including funerals. We have taken some time to outline current guidelines below. We will try our best to keep these updated as restrictions change.


We are currently holding face-to-face meetings at our office. These meetings are socially distanced, and we do ask that you wear a mask, unless you are exempt. If you forget a mask, do not worry, we will have some disposable ones available upon entry that you can use.

Face Masks

As well as wearing a face mask when visiting our office, they are also required when attending indoor places of worship, crematoria, and burial grounds chapels. You should also wear a face covering in other enclosed public spaces where social distancing might be difficult, or you are likely to come into contact with people you wouldn’t normally meet.

Social Distancing

If attending a funeral, you should stay at least 2 meters apart from others outside of your household or support bubble.

For funeral ceremonies as part of communal worship, limits should be based on the capacity of the place of worship. If from different households, mourners should still stay 2 metres apart, or 1 metre if extra measures such as wearing a face covering are taken. There is separate guidance on places or worship.

Who Can Attend

The maximum number of people attending a funeral or wake indoors, is dependent on the size of the premises that the ceremony is taking place at.  The number of people able to attend may vary based on how many people the venue can safely accommodate with social distancing. This number does not include funeral staff.  Outdoor events are no longer limited to the number of people that may attend.

Linked Events

For other linked events such as wakes, ash scattering and stone setting the maximum limit is 15 people. This is for COVID-19 secure venues where the organiser has completed a risk assessment and taken precautions to limit the risk of transmission.


Singing is to be avoided as this may increase the spread of the virus. Shouting, chanting and raised voices are also to be avoided.

Some professional singing may be allowed if socially distanced, either indoors or outdoors. It should be limited to no more than 6 people, staying at least 2 metres apart and should not include audience participation.


We understand that funeral arrangements and bereavement are not easy in normal circumstances and they have been made harder with current restrictions due to the pandemic. However, we are always just a phone call away if you need help or have any questions. Simply call us on 01452 617892 and we would be happy to help where we can.