Knowing how to dress for a funeral can be a difficult task. Sometimes you are not aware of the dress or colour code and can find yourself stuck. Going to a funeral is an emotional experience and you want to be as respectful and comfortable as possible.  

Black Dress Code

A majority of funerals will have a black dress code. The normal dress code for a funeral is: 

– Dark coloured suit, smart dress or skirt 

– Shirt or blouse 

– Formal coat or jacket 

– Black shoes 

Many will go for smart casual attire such as a black dress or suit, making sure your dress is not revealing and of an appropriate length and that your suit is well dresses and ironed.  

Bringing a jacket with you is a must as a lot of venues e.g., a church, can get cold. It will also give pockets for tissues and will allow you some extra comfort if you need it. Wearing comfortable shoes is also a good thing to consider. You may be standing or walking a lot and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable or have your feet start to hurt. Plain black boots or dolly shoes are an option for woman or plain black dress shoes for men.  

Specified Dress Code

On the other hand, some funerals will have a specific colour that they would like you to wear. You should stick to this colour even if it involves you wearing all black but then a coloured cardigan or shirt or even a badge. Try not to wear this colour in a loud obnoxious print or in something very casual, still stick to the smart casual attire. 

When it comes to accessories, hats are usually and acceptable addition to your attire, not a baseball cap but a dress hat. Keeping bags and jewellery to a minimal level is also more acceptable, not wearing a massive diamond necklace or carrying an oversized bag. Sunglasses are a good thing to be with you as they can help if you feel insecure after crying or during the funeral.  

Children should also be smartly dressed, wearing dark colours. Normally it is preferred that boys wear a smart shirt and tie with trousers and girls wear smart dresses. 

It is important to take in to account the time of year the funeral you are attending is, as this may alter the dress code. For example, in the winter you may need to think about bringing a scarf and gloves or in the summer you may need to think about wearing something cooler.  


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