Options for funeral transport

Options for funeral transport are endless these days!  Everyone wants to give their loved ones a personal send off – the choice of flowers, the choice of readings, well thought through music and details for the wake.  These personal sentiments are now extending to options for funeral transport in the UK too.

The traditional hearse remains the most popular option for funeral transport, but we now have more requests for alternative options for funeral transport from our clients.

As long as the coffin itself is fully secured, then you can pretty much transport it how you want.  You can even use your own car these days, if that’s what you decide.

Here are some options for funeral transport:

1.  Motorbikes – usually these have a side car attached to the motorcycle itself, but a motorbike could also be attached to the hearse, if your loved ones passion was 2 wheels.

2.  Campervans – if your loved one was a camping or travelling enthusiast, then it’s quite possible that you could transport the coffin in a campervan.

3.  Vintage Lorries – say your loved one was a lorry driver, then why not use a flat bed lorry as your preferred option for funeral transportation.

4.  Tractor and Trailer – you can use a tractor and trailer as an option for funeral transport.  A reputable funeral director will be able to arrange this for you.

5.  Horse and Carriage – this is a traditional option for funeral transportation, and is a very elegant choice.  Care has to be taken with regard to the distance to the church that the horses have to walk and of course, the disruption to the traffic flow as they’ll be travelling on main roads.  Your funeral director will be able to give you more information.

6.  Fire Engines – there are some instances where a fire engine can be used as well. which would really cause a stir

7.  Tank hearse – the Duke of Edinburgh actually created his own funeral transport by redesigning a Ford Landrover.  It was very personal to him and the people around him.

8. 4 x 4’s and SUV’s – in fact, almost any type of vehicle can be used as an option of funeral transport.

There are many companies specialising in unusual funeral transportation, from Del Boy’s Reliant Robin to leopard print vintage limo’s.  The choice is endless, but a good place to start is by talking it through with your Funeral Director.  Very often, they can come up with fantastic ideas that you possibly hadn’t thought about!

Making a funeral memorable is one thing, but it’s important to bear in mind that dignity is at the forefront of any reputable funeral director.  However, they are there to provide the best service for you and to work with you to give the best send off to your loved one that you feel is appropriate.

Whatever your chosen mode of transport, it’s important to consider the entourage that will need to be transported to the church, crematorium and then onto the wake.  Consider if there are any members of the funeral procession that need extra help with walking, for instance.  How many people will be in the procession and how many supporting cars will be required.  Again, it’s good to talk all this through with your funeral director.  It’s their job to make sure that the funeral you have planned for goes smoothly.


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